You may use the course textbook “trusted criminals” as well as the


**Why do you think people take risks in committing crime, especially White Collar Crime? Fully explain your response.

**Secondly, Why do you think the costs associated with financial crime/White Collar Crime are so high? Fully explain your response.

your assignment is to complete a 1 ½ page write up regarding the Costs and Risks of White Collar Crime. The paper/write up needs to be as follows:

– 1 ½ pages, 12 font, double spaced, all work that is not your own original ideas must be cited properly using the APA format

You may use the course textbook “Trusted Criminals” as well as the videos as sources. Work not properly cited will be treated as plagiarism according to the school policy as listed in the student handbook.

– **Your paper should also have a Source Page listing sources used.

– Assignments are due on the due date/no late assignments.

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