Written assignment 7: inventory | Business & Finance homework help

Inventory requires you to use the skills gained in Module/Week 7 to create an inventory management plan for a sport or entertainment organization.


Please select a retail location for a professional sports team, college athletic department, church, summer camp, or a Christian-based sport or recreation-related organization to serve as the basis for your plan. Specifically, in approximately 500 words, please answer the following questions:



1. Please provide the name of the retail location and select one product to specifically analyze for your plan.

2. Please explain how you propose to manage inventory by proposing the turnover rate considered acceptable for your organization (based on expected revenue and expenses to be determined by you). Please select a turnover rate and explain how it was calculated.

3. How many days’ worth of inventory will you carry?

4. Where will the inventory be stored?


Submit your Written Assignment 7: Inventory, FINAL draft here by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday.

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