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Cyberespionage (Can write about cyber espionage that is occurring and/or allegations of a country/government violating international law or agreed treaties. Can write about the various IP theft and legislation in place to prevent/deter IP theft)  


Cybercrime and Law (Can write about various cyber related crimes along with laws either on the books federally or state wise. Purpose of a law to prevent or deter certain cyber related crimes. Or could write about how some cyber related laws are unfair or not written properly/from a tech end, which create irrational punishments)

Citations needed, at least 3 sources, try to avoid idea and opinion pieces (use scholarly sources only).

Remember the paper must include a cyber component and a legislative component. Include the pros and cons for routes of actions, evaluate the circumstance/situation critically, possibly take a stance on the issue at hand (if possible), defend that stance with evidence and citations, and ultimately wrap everything up somehow restating your original goal/purpose.

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