Write a jsp program that generates subtraction quizzes randomly,

write a JSP program that generates subtraction quizzes randomly,
as shown in Figure 43.14a (http://postimg.org/image/ze4uwdhqp/) . The first number must always be greater than or equal to the second number. After the user answers all questions, the JSP displays the result, as shown in Figure 43.14b (http://postimg.org/image/3urelsksf/)
I’m using NetBeans and Glassfish server
There should be 2 JSP files (index.jsp and result.jsp) and javabean class,
Index.jsp displays the quiz and result.jsp displays the results.
a Java Bean sets up all the methods for the random numbers and creates the subtraction problem. The problem is then called in the INDEX.JSP using the “useBean” tag allowing the user to enter their answers. The RESULT.JSP then compares the users entered answers to the actual answer and display Correct or Incorrect and how many were right.