Word count is 1200 words or more. everything must be in own words.

 Word count is 1200 words or more. Everything must be in own words. For question ONE it needs to be the “Real Time” 2018. ALL QUESTIONS NEEDS TO BE WELL THOUGHT OUT. Must have two or more references. Please NO plagiarism. NO ANSWERS SHOULD BE FROM COURSE HERO THAT WILL CAUSE ME TO FAIL THE CLASS. Again everything is to be in its own words. There will be two attachments one is the assignment and the other one is the reading

reference; Parnell, J.A. (2008). Strategic management: Theory and practice (3rd ed). Cincinnati, OH: Cengage


Guidance for Unit 3 Hello everyone and welcome to Unit 3! Here is a little extra guidance for your Unit 3 COMPLETE assignment. 

1. Case Summary: The case summary is supposed to be on the firm in the RealTime case assigned for the unit. In Unit 3, it is Real-Time Case 23: Nike. In other words, “these firms” refers only to Nike in Unit 3. Do not base your summary on any other firms. Refer to the syllabus for instructions on how to find the case for each unit. Remember to use the narrative format in your summary. 

2. Case Analysis #1: This question is very straightforward. The crux of the matter in this analysis question is, “Is this criticism warranted? Why or why not?” You need to open your essay with a clear thesis statement in the style, “This criticism is warranted (or not warranted) because…” Make sure you support your answer by citing applicable views of ethics discussed in Chapter 5. Note, as well, that additional research is required in order to make a convincing case. 

3. Case Analysis #2: In this essay, you will identify the strategies that have led to Nike’s growth. Hint: Growth is part of Corporate Strategy. Again, you should open with a clear thesis statement such as, “Nike has accomplished considerable growth over the past two decades through ….” Note that growth strategies are discussed in your READ assignment for this unit. In response to the second part of the question you need to identify Nike’s core competencies and assess the ability of such competencies to sustain the growth. 

4. Application: The application question is specifically about changes you would make to the CORPORATE STRATEGY as a result of worldwide ECONOMIC recession. Be very clear in your focus on the corporate strategy rather than the other two levels of strategy. Note that the options available under corporate strategies are discussed in Chapter 6 of the textbook. Even if you recommend no change, you still need to identify the current corporate strategy and give reasons why it would serve well in an economic recession, and thus needs not be changed. 

As always, all the best in you work this week

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