wk 8 – framework, significance, and research plan | RES709 Research Conceptualization And Design | University of Phoenix

Identify and describe a theoretical and/or conceptual framework relevant to your study.

Write a 350- to 500-word description of a theoretical or conceptual framework for your proposed study using one of the following templates:

For a theoretical framework: 
The theoretical basis for this study is (name the theory). It was developed by (originator or source) and has informed the study of (identify topics where the theory has been applied and/or how the theory has been used in prior research). This theory holds (identify major propositions or hypotheses of the theory). Applying this theory to the present study, it aids in understanding the (central phenomenon) by (give explanation of how and why the theory aids understanding) because (provide rationale based on the theory). 

For a conceptual framework: 
The conceptual basis for this study is (name the concept(s)/model). These concepts/models inform the study of (central phenomenon) by (give explanation of how the concepts relate to the study) because (provide rationale for basing the study on these concepts).

Include APA-formatted in-text citations and references.

Change Matrix
A change matrix describes the changes you make to a document based on instructor feedback.
View the Sample Change Matrix.

Review the Week 7 feedback from your instructor on the research design and using a copy of the Change Matrix in Appendix G, record the instructor’s feedback in the first column, state in your own words the feedback provided in the second column, and specifically state what you have done to address the feedback in the third column.

Continue using the Research Outline template provided in Week 3 and:

  • Revise your problem and purpose statements, if needed,
  • Revise the RQs, if needed,
  • Revise the research method, if needed,
  • Revise the design from Week 7, based on instructor’s feedback,
  • Add the theoretical framework discussion in the Framework section,
  • Add the significance discussion in the Significance of the Study section, and
  • Complete the Change Matrix in Appendix G for feedback provided in Week 7.
  • Check APA-formatting for in-text citationsand references
  • A well-structured scholarly paragraph contains a minimum of 5 sentences. Please refer to the MEAL Plan document as a guide.

    Utilize the APA Tutorials, located in CDS Central under the Student Resources tab, for proper formatting of citations and references.

    Reminder: Before submitting your assignment, proof-read for grammatical and sentence structure and re-read the assignment description and refer to the attached rubric to ensure each element of the assignment has been addressed.

    Submit your final Research Outline template.

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