Wk 7 discussion 2 | DDHA 8246 – Advanced Application of Practice-based Research in Health | Walden University


The supervisory committee serves in an advisory, mentoring, and coaching role during the independent doctoral study phase in the program. The supervisory committee provides individualized and unique input on the student research. It should be expected that each member of the supervisory committee will request different changes based on their expertise and role on the committee.

To Prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review the Supervisory Committee section of the DHA Doctoral Study Guidebook
  • Consider the various aspects of a supervisory committee

By Day 4

Post a response to the following:

  1. When is my committee formed? Be specific about each committee member. 
  2. Outline the name and role each supervisory committee member and the role they play on the committee.
  3. What should you expect related to feedback and requested revisions from the committee?
  4. What does the term “Peer review” refer to?

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