Wk 4, iop 470: group conflict presentation

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Two small manufacturing businesses in Chicago, IL operated in direct competition with each other for 20 years. Due to recent changes in economic conditions, the two businesses combined in a horizontal merger. When the businesses merged, 20% of the workforce at each company was let go. The combined employees now work together in a new building.

The transition has not been a smooth one. Much of the remaining workforce is unmotivated to make personal changes to fit into the new business. Many employees are unclear about the direction the new organization is taking and the specific goals that need to be met. Communication among employees is also strained; employees are resisting working with people who were previously their competitors. There is very little information sharing, and there is a lack of cooperation among employees.

You have been called in to assess the situation and make recommendations to help motivate employees as members of the new business. You will deliver a presentation to the management team with your proposal.

Create a 12- to 15-slide presentation with speaker notes that includes introduction and a conclusion slides.

Address the following in your presentation:

  • Based on the scenario provided, determine two to three reasons the employees are not motivated in the new work environment. These reasons should be founded on concepts covered in the text.
  • Include your rationale regarding why these two to three reasons are affecting the employees.
  • Locate at least three articles in the University Library that address your identified reasons. Use information in the articles to create solutions to the business’s problems.
  • Format any citations in your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Please provide page # with intext citations when using the textbook attachment.

Please follow the provided outline:

Paragraph Breakdown

1. Introduction

2. Overview of Scenario

3. Lack of Employee Motivation (list 3 reasons)

4. “Reason 1”

5. “Reason 2”

6. “Reason 3”

7. Intro slide for slides 8-10

8. How is “Reason 1” Affecting Employees?

9. How is “Reason 2” Affecting Employees?

10. How is “Reason 3” Affecting Employees?

11. Solution

12. Conclusion

13. References

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