Windows systems admin comprehensive assignment


Writing Requirements: 

All work submitted for this class should be your original work. No credit will be given for “cut-n-paste” answers. Please be sure to give full details in your answer. Short answers will result in a decrease in points. Expectation of length will depend on the question or deliverable, approximately 300-750 words per deliverable. All work should be in APA version 6 format. Your final will reflect your understanding of course work you received throughout the semester.

Course Description 

The student will learn to manage the network and administrative capabilities of Microsoft Windows Server. Items learned will include directory structures, user management, drive mappings, security issues, resource management, backup and recovery process, and network utility services.

Student Learning Outcomes 

Students will: 

  1. Perform installation of Windows Server and      understand the configuration of operating system editions and clients to      include Server Administration
  2. Define the management of hardware devices, Plug and      Play, legacy, hardware resource settings, and processor and memory      settings
  3. Create and manage user accounts, group accounts, and      authentication
  4. Define the pros and cons of various file systems
  5. Define disk management, partitions, volumes, and      fault tolerant strategies such as RAID levels 0, 1, and 5
  6. Implement file sharing and printer management
  7. Define group policies and block policy inheritance
  8. Use the event log to access troubleshooting and      monitoring of the system to include performance logs and alerts
  9. Plan for disaster recovery, back up, and restore      data
  10. Managing Printers, Publishing, Auditing,      and Disk Resources

Each deliverable should be 300-750 words with a minimum of 3 academic and/or reliable references as appropriate for each section. Be sure this is a formal APA reference. Skipping questions will result in a decrease in assigned points and additional points for incomplete answers (See grading rubric)

Please begin the assignment by reading the description below:

Current Network Infrastructure:

§ 85 employees to grow to 20% in 2 years

§ 85 Windows 10 computers, 8 gigs ram, 500 GB Hard drive, local Workgroup

§ (4) DELL H825cdw Laserjet Printers

§ (6) DELL B3465dnf Multifunction printers

§ Cisco RV130W Wireless-N Multifunction VPN Router

§ Cisco SF300-48PP 48-port 10/100 PoE+ Managed Switch with Gig Uplinks

§ Departments: HR, IT, Business, Executives, Sales, Shipping, and Maintenance

§ Online web site hosted by an external hosting service

§ All company e-mail for employees currently use external Gmail accounts

§ No intranet, FTP, DHCP, Web, Imaging, or DNS server

Proposed Constraints:

Budget: $15,000 for server, hardware and software.

Fees: $2000 yearly budget for fees and Internet connection.


  1. You’ve been hired to install      a new computer infrastructure for TNT Publishing; a new publisher of      computer books. TNT Publishing plans to run a Web-based order processing/inventory      program that, for now, is used only by in-house employees while they’re on      site but would like to expand soon. TNT Tech Publishing wants to be able      to manage client computers and user policies and allow employees to share      printers and documents. The company needs to purchase only what’s      necessary to get running and leave high-end server features for future      consideration. Management prefers to get the server with the OS already      installed and wants to keep management tasks as simple as possible. Create      an extensive design plan that would provide the following for satisfying      the company’s needs. Don’t forget      to explain costs. (60 points).

You may use any source and configuration to justify for the following:

  1. Define your server recommendations and configuration.
  2. Discuss which Windows Server(s) 2016 edition(s) you plan to install?       Explain your answer. (don’t forget       client licenses)
  3. Discuss the configuration of your servers and what services will be       included.

i. Workstation Operating System Deployment

ii. Web server

iii. File/Data Storage

iv. Network Printer support

v. FTP server

vi. DHCP server

vii. DNS server

viii. E-mail server

ix. Define Groups

x. Define Users

xi. Define Polices

xii. Backup Server

  1. What Fees and/or services will be needed?
  2. With the proposed      solutions, how do you plan to maintain and monitor the solution and      hardware? (20      points)

Your suggestive security plan should contain a discussion of:

  1. Routine maintenance
  2. Monitoring/Auditing/Logging
  3. Backup schedule/procedures
  4. There are major      concerns for securing hardware, software, and data resources. Consider the      following questions about security as the administrator. (20      points)
    1. How do you plan to secure the hardware physically?
    2. How will you take reasonable effort to secure resources logically       (software)?
    3. What preventative measures do you plan to take to prevent attacks if       possible?
    4. What plans do you propose for disaster recovery?


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