wikis as a cloud-based tool – apa – 3 pages – 3 references – due 17


1) APA 6th Ed format

2 ) Due 17 October 

3) 3 Pages (not including title page and references)

4) 3 References

5) Plagiarism-Free

Required Background Reading:

Bentley Wiki: Included in the upload section

Columbia Wiki:

Ted Talk:


Some schools have made wikis a central point in their educational model. For example, Bentley University near Boston, a school specializing in business education and high-technology, claims to teach many of their courses “through the lens of Web 2.0” An excellent example of how Columbia University uses wikis is available at Please select any course on the site and explore it further. As you review their video, try to think about what the students there might be getting out of their classes that isn’t currently available to our students; also consider any possible downsides to the wiki-based model that should be evaluated as well.

In this Ted Talk Sugata Mitra discusses how to use the cloud to build a collaborative school in a self organized learning environment.


When you have reviewed the Bentley U. and Columbia University materials and the Ted Talk, please summarize your assessment of the applicability of wikis as a cloud-based tool and the use of the Cloud for self organized learning environments for our educational system in a short (2- to 3-page) paper. Please try to address the following issues somewhere in your presentation:

  • Your understanding of how a wiki works and the kinds of things that can be used for
  • Your assessment of the wiki model as a representation of the cloud computing approach
  • Your specific comments regarding the video from Columbia University and how they use their wiki
  • A summary of the thoughts you have regarding the applicability of the cloud computing model to the work of Trident and our students

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