Which of these anagrams is the odd one out?


Which of these anagrams is the odd one out?


2. How do you represent the number 50 in base 5?

3. What common seven-letter word contains the letters LH next to each other?

4. What is the next term in this sequence?


5. There are 1000 meters in a kilometer. If I travel 40 meters in 6 seconds, what is my speed in km/h?

6. Find the missing number. 7-10-3 6-12-2 9-7- 

7. What is the next letter in this series? D N O S A J

8. What five-letter name completes this analogy?


9. What common ten-letter word contains the letters IZM next to each other?

10. What number goes in the blank?


11. If the sum is correct, what digits do A and M represent?


12. Find the missing letter. C-C-C E-C-A D-B- 

13. What 7-letter word becomes longer when the third letter is removed?

14. If yesterday had been Wednesday’s tomorrow and tomorrow is Sunday’s yesterday,
what day would today be?

15. What is the minimum number of identical square tiles needed to tile a rectangular


floor measuring 24 x 30?

16. I can only live when there is light, although I die if the light shines on me. What am I?

17. A car odometer reads 279972, which is a palindrome. What is the next palindrome
that will appear on this odometer?

18. What is the final letter in this sequence?


19. What insect becomes a snake when you cut off its head?

20. Sam is 4 years younger than Paula. In 8 years, Paula will be 35.


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