What is “primitive accumulation” and how does sassen use this idea to



Answer these questions based on the reading.

  • To what does Sassen’s title refer? Please be specific.
  • What is “primitive accumulation” and how does Sassen use this idea to conceptualize how the global capitalist economy works?
  • How does Sassen present debt servicing in the developing world as part of the global economy? What has been the social impact of this debt servicing on the population of the affected countries?
  • How does Sassen conceive of the role of financialization and the financial industry in the operation of the global economy?
  • What does Sassen mean when she writes “One way of thinking of this systemic deepening [of financialization] is as the expansion of the operational space for advanced capitalism—it expels people both in the global South and in the North even as it incorporates spaces”?

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