What is a policy alernative to affprdable care act | SOCW6361 | Walden University

 Please address the following in 3 pages, and use 5 scholarly resources/articles

  • What is the policy alternative? 
  • What, if any, change(s) in the policy alternative are necessary, and where will they need to occur (local or state)? 
  • Is this policy alternative congruent with social work values? Explain. 
  • What is the feasibility of the alternative policy (political, economic, and administrative)? 
  • Does the policy alternative meet the policy goals (e.g., social equality, redistribution of resources, social work values, and ethics)? 
  • What are the forces that are for the policy? What are the forces that are against the policy? 
  • What policy advocacy skills can be used to support the policy alternative? 
  • How does the policy alternative affect clinical social work practice with clients? 
  • What changes could be made in the policy to support the needs of clients seeking clinical services?  

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