What effects does the beef cattle industry have on our society? the

 English 1A / spring 2019 Paper 4: Researched proposal Topic approval: 4/01 Annotated Bib/ sources due: 4/29 Thesis: 5/06 Paper due: 5/13 Due Date: Length: 2000-2500 words For this 2,000 word (7-8 page) paper, you will need to choose a problem or controversy relating to one of the topics listed regarding food and of interest to you. Research the issue, and propose a solution to the problem (or recommend a course of action to be taken). TOPIC: I recommend you choose an issue concerning food you are interested in or want to learn more about. Establish the problem and give adequate background; you will only have 4-5 pages to explain, support, and defend your proposed solution, so be sure to limit the scope of your argument. Do be sure, however, that your topic is manageable for the prescribed length; avoid something that requires extensive background or technical knowledge to understand. Below are some examples of topics to choose from. Pick ONE topic  GMO foods, processed foods, fast food, organic foods, non-organic  Chemical fertilizers- how they impact animals, consumers, or field workers/ their children; food additives and or meat and dairy how they react in the body  Vegetarian diet, vegan, meat, corn, high fructose corn syrup  Farmer’s markets, supermarkets, food deserts, cheap food  Beef, poultry, dairy, or pork industry, feedlots, slaughter houses  FDA, food pyramids, food labels, farm bills, food giants RESEARCH: You will need at least five cited sources in your paper. Books, scholarly journals, newspapers, interviews with authorities, field studies, reputable polls, etc. are all places you might look for information, no Wikipedia. You will need to follow the MLA citation style. You will want to use research both in your analysis of the problem and in defending your solution. PROPOSAL: The core of this paper is your proposed approach to the problem you outline. Your approach may take a wide range of forms: you may literally propose a solution, or you may recommend a general course of action. Whatever you propose, you should take a clear and welldefined stance on the issue; your readers should understand exactly the steps you are suggesting to solve or mitigate the problem at hand. If the problem your paper tackles is too complex, you may have a hard time adequately explaining and supporting your proposal–think focus. Since this project stretches over the rest of the semester, choose a topic that you like and are interested in. For now, focus on defining the problem you want to tackle, and thinking about where you might go to find information on it. You may or may not have an idea about what you will propose; if you don′t, your research should help you formulate your approach. EVALUATION: This paper is worth a total of 250 points. Supporting materials (topic 15 points, annotated bib. 35 points) Note: For full credit, assignments must be completed on time. If you change topics after sources are due, points will be deducted from this category. Argument (the body of the paper) Research (paper’s sources are sufficient, varied, and well-used; MLA format) 250 points 

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