Week 9 assignment – talent value proposition for the present and

 NEED IN 10 hours

Week 9 Assignment – Talent Value Proposition for the Present and Future


Acting as an HR Manager you have been asked to develop a proposal that offers an overview of a Talent and Value Proposition. Leadership has asked you to include information that includes the U.S. Department of Labor resources, “gig economy,” gig workers, employee-based suggestion program, and remote work in your proposal. 


6 page proposal in which you: 

  1. Develop a proposal that provides an overview of an original Talent and Value Proposition that focuses on creativity, annual budget savings, and changes within the workplace regarding current employees.
  2. Explain how employers could verify that their employee benefits comply with all federal laws by using the U.S. Department of Labor resources. 
  3. Explain how employees could verify that their employee benefits comply with all federal laws using the U.S. Department of Labor resources.
  4. Describe the steps that can be taken to support the development of individualized strategies for the creation of an internal “gig economy” and why and how this can be beneficial inside of an organization. 
  5. Recommend a process that optimizes an employee-based suggestion program to continually refresh the total rewards and contingent worker development within an organization.
  6. Determine the unique needs of contingent workers as non-employee talent continues to rise and remote work becomes more prevalent within organizations.
  7. Discuss the pros and cons of providing benefits and rewards for gig workers.
  8. Use at least five quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality academic resources. Please see the course resources list in the course information section.

This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards but students may also opt to use APA 6 or APA 7. For assistance and information, please refer to the “requirements documents” listed in the course information section. The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Create a strategy for maximizing the advantages of a total rewards program, including how it’s communicated.
  • Assess the effectiveness of a total rewards program in motivating employees.
  • Review how employers and employees can benefit from the Health Plans and Benefits section of the U.S. Department of Labor website.
  • Determine innovative approaches for optimizing employee benefits and rewards systems.

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