Week 6 discussion – feeding the world


Task A) Respond to the following statements using the Hite chapter readings, other course material and external credible resources.  It is imperative to provide complete and fully reference sources for this discussion.  Class, it is always a good idea to review the Weekly Discussion Guide (see Course Info) to check “The Rules” of discussion postings–every point counts. 

  • Where do most of the world’s hungry live? Be specific.
  • Using your Week 6 assignment developing countries (at least one), or  a newly selected developing country from the World Bank 2020 List (Course Info), discuss specific food insecurity issues for your selected country. For example, what types of food security problems are experienced by people in this country? Are there real food shortages or simply a lack of access to food? Who is more likely to suffer from food insecurity problems in this country? Why?
  • Discuss (in detail) some potential consequences and benefits of using biotechnologies in developing countries



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