Week 5 ppol 650 reflective comments 5


Reading Summary and Reflective Comments

The student will summarize and reflect on the main principles of the assigned readings in Modules/Weeks 1–7. The student must critique ideas in light of a biblical worldview. The summaries must be at least 100–125 words, and the reflections must be at least 150–200 words.


Download this course from iTunes U using the free download option from (http://www.apple.com/itunes/download). The link above will launch iTunes (if installed) and open up your course. Some material from third-party sources, such as copyrighted publisher content, are not available for download. 

  • extbook Readings
    • Henderson: chs. 10–11
    • Payne: chs. 9–10
  • ItemPresentation: NGOs
  • ItemPresentation: President Bill Clinton – Statement on Kosovo Intervention

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