Week 3: species adaptations brochure & discussion (both assignment &


Week 3: Species Adaptations Brochure & Discussion (both assignment & discussion board)

Part 1: Adaptations Educational Brochure

Plant and animal adaptations to survive… thrive… in harsh environments are just down right cool! In this assignment you will get a chance to identify and explore morphological and physiological features of plant and animal species with particular adaptations to heat and drought.

You are to create a 1-2 page educational brochure using an online infographic software (e.g. Pikochart, Prezi) that includes 3 plant species and 3 animal species’ adaptations to heat and/or drought. Your brochure should include the following for each species:

  • pictures of the species with their scientific and common names
  • the species geographic range (maps work well for this)
  • brief summary of their life strategy and habitat
  • descriptions of their specific adaptations
  • citations for sources of information (be sources are credible)

To complete this assignment you will need to be resourceful…. meaning you will need to search the web for species and determine the credibility of the information you find. You may also need to find guidance on creating an educational brochure. There is plenty of information and examples out there.

Your grade for this part of the assignment will be largely based on content and credibility of sources (80%), however visual design and organization of information will account for about 20% of the grade. 

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