Week 3 dq comments | English homework help

Question 1:

·         How can you ensure you are using proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation in your assignments? What resources are available to you in the Center for Writing Excellence (or elsewhere) if you need help on specific topics?




Hello, Rachel and Class.

I have always found that grammar and spelling are easy for me.  Punctuation, I still need a little work.  My biggest problem area with punctuation is when to use a semicolon.  I have RiverPoint Writer downloaded on my computer, and use it for all my papers.  It provides spell check, and also checks for grammar and punctuation errors.  

In the Center for Writing Excellence you can find tutorials, quizzes, and games to help brush up on grammatical, spelling and punctuation issues.  They are easy to follow, and very helpful.


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I actually used writepoint in the UofP library for the first time just a few minutes ago. I was actually amazed how quickly it zipped through the paper that I had posted. I posted some notes from earlier classes in it corrected spelling suggested punctuation and grammar changes in the assignment. Other sources at my disposal would be my parents, both of my parents are teachers. My mother teaches speech and language and my father has a minor in English and a Masters in administration. Both of them are well-suited for reviewing and critiquing any papers I may write.


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Question 2:

·         Why is it important to give credit to your sources of information? What do we risk by using others’ words as our own?




Hello, Rachel and Class.

It is always important to cite sources you use in our writing.  By citing the source, give credit to the person who actually did the work.  They did the research to get the information you need for your paper.  You are simply giving credit where credit is due.  Failure to cite a source constitutes plagiarism.  Plagiarism is using another person’s work, and submitting it as your own.  Very simply, this is cheating.  You are cheating the person you took the material from, you are cheating the school you are attending, and your financial aid providers.  Most of all you are cheating yourself.  You cheat yourself out of the knowledge and satisfaction of completing something on your own.  

Thoughts or comments?


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Verbatim, mosaic, inadequately paraphrasing, unstated quotation or paraphrase are all considered plagiarism. Whether or not we intend to plagiarize, we are still held responsible as persons involved in higher learning you are expected to respect the ideas of others in the same way that you would respect things that don’t belong to you. The best way not to plagiarize on purpose or by accident is to know and understand your sources when you write your paper. When citing your sources you’re giving credit to that particular author for that thought or idea. What we risk by using other words of their own is not having a full understanding of the topic you’re trying to communicate, you must reread and paraphrase or quote as necessary.

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