Week 2 discussion 1 types of assessment tools [wlo:1] [clos: 2,5] | EDU 645 Learning & Assessment for the 21st Century | Ashford University



Prior to beginning work on this discussion,

  • Read      Chapter 1.1: The Purposes of Educational Assessments
  • Read      Chapter 5: Placement, Diagnostic, and Formative Assessment
  • Read      Chapter 6: Summative Assessment
  • Choose      one of the following videos to watch: 


Consider how the teacher in the video you selected was assessing for learning. Make any connections with your own professional or educational experiences.

Write (Post Initial Response by Thursday, Day 3)

Complete the following:

  • Answer      the following questions using evidence from your course readings, based on      the video you selected above: 
    • What       evidence did you see and hear regarding formative assessments being an       assessment for learning? More specifically, how did the teacher in your selected       video assess during learning and how does it connect with your course       readings? Make reference to your course readings to support your       response.
    • How       did the teacher in your selected video able to determine the current       progress of his or her learners in relation to mastering the objective?       Provide specifics from the video and reference your course readings.
    • How       is the use of formative assessments helping to prepare learners for the       summative assessment? Make reference to your course readings to support       your response.
  • Select      one the following digital tools that can be used in an educational setting      to assess learners: 
  • Provide      a description of the tool you selected and how it could be used to assess      your leaners.
  • Develop      a specific example of how you might use it when instructing, and identify      if it would be considered diagnostic, formative, or summative. Explain      your reasoning with evidence from your readings.
  • Discuss      whether assessing learners through digital means makes assessing learners      more efficient for educators. Why or why not? Provide evidence from your      course readings to support your response.

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