Week 10 assignment – final reflection | BUS 325 – Global Human Resource Management | Strayer University

Week 10 Assignment – Final Reflection


I chose the Death Penalty policy 

This assignment builds off the Policy You Would Change activity you completed in Week 9.


In a 2-3 page paper include the following three parts:

Part 1:What is one domestic policy that you would change? Why?

Be sure to use your approved policy and sources identified in the Policy You Would Change activity you completed in Week 9.

Part 2: From the list of branches below, choose two and explain the procedures for changing or making a new policy for each of the two you chose.

the legislative process

presidential executive action

administrative agency’s regulations

legal system of the courts

Part 3: In what way can the public influence this proposed policy change?

Use evidence to support your argument including statistics and/or relevant facts from your sources.

Note: This assignment requires the use of Strayer University Online Library to be sure your references meet academic standards. All sources should be cited using the Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) format.

One tip for finding reputable sources is to visit the Strayer University Online Library. You can also go directly to Strayer University’s Political Science Library page.

Writing Tips:


How to write the Week 10 Final Reflection.docx

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