Values | Literature homework help

1) What is meant by “values”?

2) Identify what you consider to be your own personal values.  Try to explain WHY these are important to you – perhaps doing so will take you to an even deeper level where you are able to see and name what your most fundamental values really are.

3) Out of the Franciscan/Felician values listed on the syllabus, which, if any, stands out as especially important to you?  Explain why.

4) What contemporary social justice issue(s) are you especially concerned about?  Note:  We have not yet discussed what “social justice” means.  For the purposes of this question, think about challenges in today’s world that have a serious negative impact on human persons, especially those who are most vulnerable – e.g., human trafficking, racism, environmental destruction, etc.  Identify one or more of the problems you are most concerned about, and explain why.

these are the values listed 

We will learn about St. Francis of Assisi, who is the inspiration for Madonna’s Franciscan Values:

–  Respect for the dignity of each person

–  Peace and justice

–  Reverence for creation

–  Education for truth and service

and for these Felician Values:

§  Respect for human dignity

§  Compassion

§  Transformation

§  Solidarity with the poor

§  Justice and peace

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