User documentation 2 | IT488 IT Capstone II | Colorado Technical University

Individual Deliverables

Section 8: Documentation Plan

Complete the documentation plan section of your project plan. 

Your plan should address the following (at a minimum):

Which user documentation will be provided (at least 3 types) 

When development of the documentation will start and finish 

When each document will be distributed 

How each document will be distributed 

How each document will be maintained 

How users will be notified of future updates to documentation 

User documentation

Create a skeleton of each of the 3 documents. 

A skeleton document should include all sections that are appropriate for the user document.

 Include a few sentences for each section that outline the content that will be provided. 

The details for each section do not need to be completed at this time. Simply provide a template.

 It is appropriate and encouraged that you locate appropriate templates;

 however, be sure you include enough verbiage that clearly outlines what will be included in each section.

 This verbiage must be specific to the project you are developing. 

Remove any sections that you do not intend to use, and cite the source of any templates used.

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