Unit 6 db: multicultural literature and curriculum in primary grades


Unit 6 DB: Multicultural Literature and Curriculum in Primary Grades

According to Copple and Bredekamp (2009) “Developmentally appropriate practice calls for teachers to pay attention to the social and cultural contexts in which their children live and to take these into account in shaping the learning environment and their interactions with children and families.”  
Copple, Carol, & Bredekamp, Sue (Eds.). (2009). Developmentally appropriate practice in early childhood programs serving children from birth through age 8 (3rd ed.). Washington, DC: National Association for the Education of Young Children.
Reflect on the Unit 6 readings and resources. Think about what you have learned about curriculum in the primary grades, multiculturalism, learning environments, and anti-bias materials and activities.  Also, consider specific ways you might help children in grades one through three to be more aware and appreciative of the diverse cultures represented in their classrooms.  

  • For this discussion forum, we will share grade-appropriate books that promote multicultural awareness and appreciation. 
  • Using APA format, state one book that you think would be useful in teaching multicultural awareness to primary grade (grades one through three) children. 
  • State why you chose the book, including how it fits the developmental characteristics of primary grade students.
  • Based on your selected book, explain one learning objective related to teaching multicultural awareness appropriate for primary grade children.
  • Design one follow-up activity that is developmentally appropriate for primary grades and specify materials you would use as part of the activity. Describe one change you would make to the classroom environment that would reinforce the learning objective.
  • Refer back to Unit 3 resources discussing the environment. Use resources as appropriate to support your rationale for the change.  Make sure to use proper APA format. 

In your three responses to peers and/or instructor, discuss the learning objective and follow-up activity your classmates have chosen to teach multicultural awareness.  Explain/discuss other techniques to infuse multicultural content on a daily basis.

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