Unit 5 discussions (7) | Accounting homework help


*Unit 5 Discussion (ACC211 Managerial Accounting)

Is it important for a company to follow a strict budget even though they may be experiencing phenomenal profits?  Do you think that there will be a bias towards greed when creating the budget for this company?  Explain.

How does management greed influence budget decisions?

Please consider each of the questions separately in this post.  It is important for you to understand the value of the budget as a blueprint for the business – even in times of exceptional “good news”.

It is also important to consider the role of greed within the budgeting process of the firm.  Perhaps you might want to think about the budget as a communication to employees about what ownership and management believes is its focus.

You might even want to see if any other of the exceptional “bad boys” in the business world were reflecting their greed even within their budgeting documents.

*Unit 5 DB: Gender in the Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Glam Rock, Disco and Punk Genres (MUS121 Rhythm, Blue & Hip Hop)

For this week’s discussion, we will explore the role of gender in the hard rock, heavy metal, glam rock, disco and punk genres. Choose a “star” from one of the aforementioned genres in music (e.g., Donna Summer for a woman in disco or The Village People as an LGBTQ+ band in disco). You may wish to review Chapter 57 as well since this topic underlines several themes within our course (pp. 247-249, text). Describe how music began to transition from the typical heterosexual male singing and playing electronically amplified instruments loudly to a driving rock beat to these new styles. Share (use the mashup tool) a musical example and explain how gender in the era of your choice offered a new perspective to music.

*Unit 5 DB: Vendor Transactions (ACC215 Spreadsheets & General Ledger Software)

What are the types of vendor transactions and discuss how QB can help manage this area?

*Chapter 16 Discussion (BUS2123 Principles of Accounting II)

1. Explain the purpose and importance of cashflow information.

2. Distinguish between operating, investing, and financing activities. 

3. Discuss how to Identify and disclose noncash investing and financing activities.

4. Discuss the format of the statement of cash flows.

*Unit 5.1 DB: Cell Phones (CRJ102 Introduction to Law Enforcement)

Cell phones are common now. People have them at their disposal and quite frequently use them to report a crime. Discuss the impact that cell phones have had on policing, both positive and negative. Give examples.  How have the current cell phone laws (texting while driving, etc.) affected reporting of crime?

*Unit 5.2 DB: Entrapment (CRJ102 Introduction to Law Enforcement)

Entrapment is a major concern in vice operations. What steps can undercover operatives take to avoid being accused of it? Do you think the whole concept is entrapment? why or why not? Explain your position and support it.

*Unit 5 Discussion: Digital Marketing Tactics (MKT200 Principles of Marketing)


Digital selling is the use of online, mobile and social media to engage customers, build stronger customer relationships, and augment sales performance. Have you ever wondered why certain websites appear on Google when you search keywords? If person A and B both search for “Blue Car” different result would appear based on their location, previous searches, and more. SEO is an important technique for brands because it helps them appear on top of the Google search pages.

Take a look at this short video before jumping into this week’s business scenario.

 Simulated Business Scenario:

Samantha was recently hired as a sales team leader for Google Analytics. Sanjay, the Regional Vice President, has tasked Samantha with reaching a target sales quota in the current quarter. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a small mom and pop clothing store that has little/no online presence has come to Samantha and her team for help and advice to grow its customer base.


· What are the top three strategies Samantha might offer the mom & pop clothing store, relative to adopting a digital marketing campaign?

· How would Samantha incorporate search engine optimization into her suggestions to the mom & pop store?

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