Unit 4 week 4 discussion gb502 | GB502DLF2P2021 Business Environments in Sub-Saharan Africa | Park University


Unit 4: Discovery Research


The World Bank (Links to an external site.) tracks foreign direct investment and net outflows of many countries. Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have varying production strategies to attract foreign direct investments. This discovery research is an opportunity to research factors that attract inflows. 


1. Conduct a literature review and then share your discoveries in the discussion. Let the discussion scope guide your discovery research. You are required to have at least three resources. 

2. Initial post

1. Define foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows.

2. Explain the different factors that attract inflows to Sub-Sahara African countries

3. Identify the top five FDI inflow SSA countries, and outline why these countries are leaders in each situation. The economic factors and/or indicators of these top five countries should be fully considered. Graphs and/or tables should be provided in your report to illustrate your ideas

4. Take on the role of a consultant and propose some persuasive recommendations to overcome challenges, grow, or maintain successful results.

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