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Blog Post

For this assignment, you will select a painting from an online gallery to discuss via an audio or video blog post. Select an approach described at length in the unit lesson such as technical, historical, and observational. Indicate which approach you will take. Record your discussion of the artwork and end your discussion with a question. This may be either an audio recording or a video recording. Please include a script of your recorded post. Your script should be a minimum of 1 page, double spaced. You will upload your recording or a link to your recording within your Word document. The top of the document should include your name, the course name, the assignment name, and date. Although the only person who will leave “comments” on your post is your professor – with their feedback – be sure to give the feel of a real blog post by sharing information in an energized and personal way that shows you really care about the topic. Talk to your audience as if they are there to learn something innovative specifically from you. As helpful resources, you may also refer to the Audio Recording into Word document or the YouTube Upload Instructions document. 

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