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Unit 2 Discussion (ACC111)

Unit 2 DiscussionAnne Marie, the owner of Anne’s Beauty Salon continues to ask you questions about her financial statements.

  1. What is accounts receivable?  Is it something good? 
  2. I see these things called current assets and current liabilities.  What are they?  Why show them? 
  3. I still don’t understand what the Statement of Retained Earnings is all about and why do I need it.  What is retained earnings?  What is that thing called a dividend?  Is it an expense?

How would you respond to each of these questions? 

 Unit 2 DB: Reliable Sources (ENG110)

We will practice finding a reliable source using the Library database.

  • Please review this video, “How to Get to and Navigate the Library Page,” to see how to access the library.
  • You can also view the readings and resources in this unit to help you navigate to the Library. Please find an article using the Library database. You will need to watch the video above for directions. The article can be about whatever subject that interests you.
  • Do not use Google to find a source for this discussion; you should use only the Library database.
  • If you get stumped on which topic to use for an assignment, please consult EBSCO’s Points of View Reference Center and browse by category. This is also a great resource to use for the pros and cons of issues, and of course, you can always ask your Instructor for ideas.

Initial Response:

  • In one paragraph, put the title, author, publisher, and year of publication and explain why this article is an example of a reliable, academic source. Use “Is This Source Scholarly?” and “Evaluating Web Sources” from About Writing to help you write about the article.
  • In a second paragraph, explain why this article is of interest to you. Why did you choose this particular source?

 Unit 2 DB: To rewrite or not to rewrite…. (ENG130)

Self plagiarism is a very common form of plagiarism in the English classroom, and most universities do not allow self-plagiarism.Before you respond to this prompt, please (1) read the self plagiarism section of the Course Information page and (2) review  What is Plagiarism and Self Plagiarism What is Plagiarism and Self Plagiarism – Alternative Formats that briefly explains both plagiarism and self plagiarism, and (3) then respond to the following prompts:Initial Response: In one paragraph, argue your stance to the question, “Is self plagiarism a form a cheating? Why or why not?” You can use personal examples or examples from the PDF “What is Plagiarism and Self Plagiarism” and the course information page. Finish your response by asking your peers a question that they can answer in their peer responses.  

Unit 2 DB: Time Management Strategies (CTC101)

After reviewing this week’s Readings and Resources, create a new thread and share the following:

  • Rate your overall time management skills. How effective are you in managing time?
  • What changes have you made or plan to make in order to add this course to your daily schedule?
  • Thinking about Stephen Covey’s habit, Being Proactive, what does being proactive mean to you in relation to your time management?
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