Two page music study essay

  Music Study December World Music: Folk Music in the Concert Hall. A minimum of two pages is required for this assignment. Always refer to the composer and or the pieces being played.  This paper contains three separate sections labeled as I. II. and III.  There are a total of six questions to be addressed. 

Leonard Bernstein is considered one of the top 20th century American composers.

He was also a leading conductor of and excellent at lecturing. 

Your Music Study will involve each video as it progresses through 5 rather short videos.

All five equals only one total concert lecture. 

These video lecture/demonstrations may be watched separately, or you can be viewed automatically from one to another in numerical order. 

Section I

1. (30 pt.)Address each of the Bernstein  videos individually: Discuss the information and ideas presented by Bernstein in his lecture and music illustrations or conducts.  When music is the focus such as the Chavez orchestral work or the French Songs by Canteloube, write about the parts in the music works most obvious to the nature of folk music. Some timestamps will be provided especially for the Chavez work. 

2. (5 pt.)Write a conclusion on how this assignment provided a better of the influence from dialect and language on vocal and instrumental music.

Video 1 Begin at Timestamp 2:30 to 9:58 

Video 2:  start at timestamp 0:00 to 0:26 then timestamp 5:20 to end of short video 

Video 3: is a continuation of video 2. 00:00 to 1:45 then focus on rhythms and instruments from timestamp 8:46 to the end. 

Video 4: starts with continuation of video 3 then French folk as orchestrated by composer, Canteloube begins at timestamp 1:40 

Tape 5:  French songs by Canteloube continued with more explanation of the lyrics. 

Section II

3. (15 pt.) Billy the Kid with music by Aaron Copland: Copland uses American Cowboy songs incorporating them into the ballet that he composed. In this video the tunes are sung then presented in orchestral version next to them. Write a review of your ability to identify the two versions, vocal and instrumental for each clip and what was most difficult in terms of listening skills. 

4. (10 pt.) The second video  Presents a portion of the ballet music and Copland’s vision of American western scenes. You may notice that so many Hollywood composers ripped off Copland’s music.   Write a review of how the music score reflects the “American” Cowboy World as described by the narrator. 

Section III

5. (30 pt.)(Mother Lode Suite. I composed this orchestral music at age 12 in 1957. Read this link first, then use the listening chart and recording.  Approach the material starting at 3:12 where the second movement begins. The third movement begins at 5:42. The titles for these two movements  are on the written document in this link second and third movement as for its meaning and approach by a 12 year old kid. After reading this link and listening to the recording from the link below, include some aspects of the music and how it reflects both my early Slovenian influence and early American influence. Mother Lode Suite composed by Max Simoncic (Skip the first movement and begin the audio recording at Time Stamp 3:12. That is the beginning of The Brook. The final movement begins at Time Stamp 5:42.  Please forgive the quality of the recording, Mother Lode Suite was my first orchestral work, but not my first set of compositions.  People often ask me who I studied with. My answer is simple; books from the public library and studying music scores and listening. 

6. (10 pt.)Write a conclusion about Mother Lode Suite, the music and its purpose. 

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