Transcribing data | Social Science homework help

make up interviews 

The topic is gym life and habits 

For this first data exercise, you will transcribe one of the interviews you conducted for your project. You will only transcribe a 5 minute-section of the interview (if longer than 6 pages you can cut it at page 5). You will be using your learning points from the module when transcribing your data. You will  primarily be using the transcription conventions provided (see link below) when transcribing your data. If you were not able to conduct an interview yet, you can just record one of your conversations with your friends and-or family and transcribe a 5-7 min section of it. Link to conventions:  Here is another link that explains conventions in transcription. You will be using the first link. However, at times you can also borrow some conventions from the second link to improve your transcription.

transcribing Data:

Coding Data:

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