Training program for employees and first-line supervisors.


Think about your own experiences with training and development. What organizational commitments to employee training and development have you witnessed? Is it an issue of return on investment (ROI) where training has not demonstrated the impact it has on the bottom line? Is this ROI true for your organization?

Consider the following scenario:

 A recent reorganization at your organization has given many people differing duties and responsibilities – some in which they have had little training of any kind. The CEO of the company is concerned that the organization has not done enough to prepare and train its employees for these new and expanded roles. You have been asked to review the training and development program within the organization. You find that newly hired employees do not have the skills required for a changing work environment.

Also, you quickly learn that employees are frequently promoted into a supervisory position based mostly on their technical abilities rather than on their potential as a supervisor and the soft-skills needed to lead teams and supervise employees. You have a wide ranging mix of young and old, experienced and green, and highly productive and less than average individuals in supervision. Many current supervisors and managers have not had any formal supervisory training in over five years. The company president sees this as a serious shortcoming for the future of the organization.

Write a proposal for a comprehensive training program for both employees and first-line supervisors. Your proposal needs to incorporate the components necessary for a successful training and development program for these two groups of employees. Review current research and identify best practices in training and development for organizations.


Length : 7 pages

NOTE: The proposal should be written as a paper. Do not use an outline format.

Support your proposal with at least five (5) resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

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