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Northern Arizona University College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences CENE 420: Traffic Studies and Signal Systems Laboratory # 4 Out: September 24th, 2013 Due: October 1st, 2013 Time Stamped Data Analysis and Red Light Running At the conclusion of this lab, you will be able to: Recreate field conditions from collected data Compile possible red light violations from time stamped data Manipulate line data in excel to provide meaningful results Calculate vehicle velocity from a data log Review the video RedLight Violation1.wmv taken at the Purdue University test location. At approximately what time did the red vehicle allegedly enter the intersection on red? (2) What are the corresponding detectors on the overlay that could be used for estimating vehicle speed? (2) Based upon the video, mark and label the estimated location of MA1, MA2, MB1, MB2 on the figure below: (2) Figure 1: Location of Microloops Examine the file 20040922_0.txt. What punctuation mark is used for the delimeter? (2) Import the file into Excel (Data tab). The data file has no headings. To rectify this, insert a row at the top of the pageof the following column labels Detector #, Detector Name, Date, Time, Code, Time (millisecond), Detector State. For Detector State, ‘1’ indicates the detector is on. ‘0’ indicates the detector is off. In relationship to the alleged violation, and assuming that Detector # 106 is the red indication for the through movement: What time did MA2 turn on at (milliseconds)? (2) What time did MA1 turn on at (milliseconds)? (2) What time did Detector 106 turn on at (milliseconds)? (2) How long after MA1 turns off did 106 turn off (milliseconds)? (2) Assuming 15’ front edge to front edge for detectors, what was the velocity of the vehicle during this violation? Show your calculations. (Hint 1: Use detector…

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