Tow primary source responses | History homework help

Primary Source Responses: Students will select two source from each of the assigned Primary Source Collections and write an analytical response of at least 500 words for each one  to that source. Consider the following questions in every your response:

1- Who wrote this document, when and where?

2- What type of document is this?

3- Who is the intended audience of the document?

4- What are the main points of the document?

5- Why was this document written?

6- What does this document reveal about the particular society and period in question?


I will select 

The Luxury of the Rich in Rome and the other one is Constitution of Medina.

Be sure, to write easy words and no less 500 words for each assignment, and easy vocabularies. Because I am international student and my English writing is very weak. Also, you should use quotation from texts to support your views.

In the attachments, you will see two files and every file related for one assignment. Every assignment should be at least 500 words.


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