Total district funding project (powerpoint)

  This powerpoint is based on the total district funding of Avoyelles Parish in Louisiana.  More information will be

EDL 5500 Total District Funding Project


Students will prepare a presentation outlining Avoyelles Parish district current financial position. The students should focus on identifying each type of funding used by the district, the amount by funding stream budgeted by the district, and the targeted use of each funding stream within the district. Additionally, students will make strategic recommendations on improving use of funds (it is here where I think you can most utilize prior learning from this class – consider previous assignments here when identifying needs and making recommendations). Candidates will need to look at the budgets – which were obtained in a previous assignment – submitted to the school board. This assignment should be submitted in presentation form, as if the candidate has to teach someone else about education finance. See Total District Funding Rubric in Moodle for more details.

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