Tools for online learning and collaboration

Tools for Online Learning and Collaboration

Conducting Research in the Ashford Library
A peer reviewed journal or article is an article or journal that has been reviewed by experts in the field and deemed to be worth reading by other professionals. Typically this is an extensive process in which reviewers are carefully vetted for expertise and professional experience. In this assignment, you will have an opportunity to examine a peer reviewed article and apply what you have learned to a professional scenario or activity.

This Discussion will provide an introduction to a variety of tools available for online learning and collaboration. Please complete the following:

Part 1: Toolbox Reflection

Read the list of tools presented in the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (2009) website linked below. Construct a list identifying the tools from the website you have used in a work setting and state the type of activity you were participating in with each tool (i.e., what purpose did it serve?). Additionally, identify the tools from the list that you have not used and state a workplace activity you might participate in with each. Finally, what tools are you using in your workplace for collaboration, specifically, that are not listed in the article?

Part 2: Evaluation of Tools using Twitter Adoption Matrix

From the tools that you identified in Part 1, select three and evaluate them using the Twitter Adoption Matrix presented in the following article:
For example, is the tool “In-class back channel,” “pedagogical communication,” etc?

Part 3 :Collaboration Tool Research Review

Use our Ashford University Library to locate a peer reviewed journal article that explores the use of one or more of the online collaboration tools provided in the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (2009) list. Please refer to the following tutorials for guidance on conducting scholarly research at the Ashford Library:

You should then use this article(s) to support your response in the weekly discussion. Please specify the database where you located the article(s) as part of your APA citation.

After reading the article, create a one to two paragraph summary that includes the following:

  • Identify the tool the article explored
  • Summarize the purpose of the article.
  • Summarize the key points, findings, and/or conclusions presented in the article.
  • Describe your reactions to the article – e.g., what are the strengths and weaknesses of the study? To what extent do you predict the key points, findings, and/or conclusions of the article might influence the future of online learning and collaboration?
  • Include the full APA citation for the article consulted, including database from which the article was retrieved


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