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 Team Identity and Application

Define Team Identity in your own words. Give an example of Team Identity. How can a manager build team identity. Define Collective Efficacy in your own words. How is Collective Efficacy related to Team Identity?

Define Team Cohesion. Provide two examples that show how cohesive your class team is (for example, Team 20). How is Team Cohesion related to Team Trust. What are the five types of trust described in our textbook?

As a team, after a team discussion, list what type or types of trust does each member of your team share with the whole team?

For each of these team variables (team identity, efficacy, cohesion, trust), what would happen if three (3) of the members were switched out?

Specific Instructions:

1. As a group, discuss requirements for Parts 1 and 2 above.

2. Develop power points. You power points should contain a minimum of 20 slides (excluding the cover page and reference page.

3. Use APA format throughout.

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