This project demonstrates your understanding of datatypes,

This project demonstrates your understanding of datatypes, input/output, sequential and selection programming statements, and mathematical operations.

The project requirements include:

1. Design and implement a Java program that will gather a user’s first name, middle initial, lastname, age in years, and 3 lucky numbers. The program should output the following based on the user’s input:

a. A welcome message repeating their full name (e.g. Welcome John Q Smith)

b. A message based on their age with these types of messages.

Display “You are just a kid!”, if the user is less than or equal to 12 years old

Display “Welcome teenager!”, if the user is greater than 12 and less than 20 years old

Display “Welcome almost adult!”, if the user is 20 years old.

Display “Welcome adult!” , if the user is 21 years old or greater.

c. A message displaying the average of their 3 lucky numbers. For example “The average of your 3 lucky numbers is : 20”

2. Additional requirements include:

1. Use JOptionPane.showInputDialog() methods for your user to input their data
2. Use JOptionPane.showMessageDialog() methods to display your messages.

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