This is due tomorrow……english……1500 word essay…….please | English | Cerritos Community College District

This assignment is due tomorrow…..must be done on time and not late…… 

English assignment: 

First Generation College Students and the lack of family support 

  — I have started the paper with the first paragraph—- must use or make it better– see the word document attachment FTGCS

-Must be 1500 words 

-I have added 5 references you may use. 3 of them must be used and be included in the Reference page 

-Reference page must be in MLA 8 format!!! must be in MLA 8 format

Here is what the professor is grading on: For a paper of this length (1500 words), you should expect to have between 6-8 body paragraphs, each of which will focus on explaining and developing the idea posed in the thesis statement. Each paragraph will also contain research

*** First Generation College students and the LACK OF FAMILY SUPPORT*** 

—Must stick to the Lack of Family support and the issues of—-

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