This assignment should be approximately 500 words. here are some


This assignment should be approximately 500 words. Here are some suggestions for what might be useful to include:

  • How do you feel as you come to the end of this learning experience—Relieved? Tired? Excited? Ready to do more? Inspired? Angry?
  • Why do you think you feel this way about the course?
  • What was the important learning you take away from this course?
  • What were the biggest challenges you faced in this course?
  • What advice would you give a student taking this course in order that s/he could be successful?
  • How will you use the information, skills, or experience from this course in the next steps of your program?

the course title is Sociology 211 (Race and Ethnicity in the United States) we have studied six chapters

Chap 1 : Exploring race and Ethnicity

Chap 2 : Prejudice

Chap 3: Discrimination

Chap 4: Immigration

Chap 5 : Ethnicity and religion

Chap 6: The Nation as a Kaleidoscope

My major is Pre-Pharmacy

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