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Thermal Sensors

Work the problems below. To receive any credit, you must show all work. You may submit your work in a word processing document or in apdf file. Graphic files are not acceptable submissions. Your file submission document should be entitled Week3AYourGID (replace YourGIDwith your specific GID).

  1. What temperature in °F corresponds to 435K?
  2. What is the length of a copper rod at 420K, if the rod was 93m long at 10°F?
  3. Calculate the new volume for a silver cube that measures 3.15 ft on a side, if the temperature is increased from 15°C to 230°C.
  4. What is the resistance of a platinum resistor at 480°C, if its resistance at 16°C is 110Ω? Assume the fractional change in resistance per degree of temperature at To is 0.00385.
  5. A type K thermocouple with an 85°F reference produces a voltage of 52.48mV. What is the temperature?
  6. A thermistor has a resistance of 16.33k ohms at 0.0°C, and it drops to 6.247k ohms at 20.0°C. This thermistor is used in a simple voltage divider circuit shown below. Vs = supply voltage = 5.0 Vdc, Rs = supply resistance = 10k ohms.
    1. Calculate the output voltage at 0.0°C.
    2. Calculate the output voltage at 20.0°C
    3. Assume the output voltage is 2.353 V. Estimate the temperature given the limited amount of data provided in the problem statement.

figure 1

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