The tonkin gulf resolution: a textual analysis

After the failures of data reporting during the Tonkin Gulf Incident, LBJ demanded and got full power to run the war from the executive branch with no legislative oversight. The legislation passed after the Incident, misrepresented details big and small – the Tonkin Gulf Resolution is a strange mix of factual misrepresentations and outright lies.

It is arguable that the Resolution itself, its very language, its very phrasing, allowed this disastrous escalation to unfold.

Make your argument.

QUESTION: Name one way the actual language of Tonkin Gulf Resolution led to a bad result in South East Asia.

Structure and Content: Requirements and Minimums

A unified, content-predictive thesis that reflects a manner of thinking about this issue in every body paragraph. Answer the question by unifying the elements of your argument: Why are these elements you are about to present important? What strings them together? In the end, what single quality or value holds them together? – this is your reasoning for your thesis.

Vivid details about the moment and the man from research from the Young book, documentaries as well as available internet/library research. Explain how the very words of the Resolution led to this disaster. No glittering generalities about “the world” or “people” – develop using detailed, book-available dates, terms and names. Use a mixture of direct quotation, summary and paraphrase – that’s right: Apply your source integration techniques. Build your paragraphs with relevant source material, building your essay on the stories, names and dates from Young and the three textual sources you produce through your research. Write about the writing.

Good paragraphing – unified, coherent and fully developed. Always revise to discover your true topic sentence (it is always more detailed than the one you originally planned for your pre-writing). A controlled and focused topic sentence accompanied by the examples, each of which is explained in its value and relevance. It’s not self-evident why what you choose to quote is important – don’t just reword what is said – your readers need your input, your guidance. What do you notice in the individual details?

Speaking of outlining, please attach your final working outline for your essay submission.

2000 or so words in length. Five plus pages, plus the “Works Cited” page.

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