The paper should be in standard written english with no grammar or


The paper should be in standard written English with no grammar or spelling errors, Be thorough and analytical. In your paper, refer specifically to concepts from the text.

  • Describe a current conflict you are having and how you intend to put in practice the concepts from the class and the text to resolve it.


  • Describe a past conflict, how you resolved it then, and how you would resolve it now using material from the class and the text.

Grading criteria:

  • Understanding & application of concepts from reading
  • Depth of thought
  • Quality of writing or presentation skills

This paper differs from the Conflict Assessment paper in two ways:

  • You need to look at a conflict specifically from your life
  • Your focus is on resolution, not analysis. Determine how to use the skills we covered in the last two weeks; use the technique outlined in Fisher and Ury. Don’t just say, “I’m going to listen to her, then I’m going to assert.” Be specific.

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