The german school system | Literature homework help

  In our Lesson, you have two readings in preparation for this cultural discussion. One is a fact sheet about the German school system. The other is a subjective opinion piece written by a German who teaches in the American university system. Read the fact sheet (“The German School System”) before you read the subjective opinion piece (“A German Compares School Systems”). Then answer the questions below and post your response in 3 corresponding paragraphs.

  • Please read the article on the German School System and think about how the German school system differs from the American school system (or the school system in your native country). List 2 pros and 2 cons of the German school system based on what you learned from this fact sheet.
  • Please read the *article section entitled A subjective comparison of Germany and the United States: Educational System. List at least two points on which you agree with the author and 2 points on which you don’t agree.
  • Did you experience a change of opinion between completing your reading of the fact sheet and completing your reading of the opinion piece? What aspect of the German education system would you like to know more about?

*NOTE: This is a subjective opinion written by a German professor who teaches in America. This one person’s opinion, while not necessarily overly critical of either culture, may not be your own opinion, nor does it represent the opinion of your instructor. That being said, there is nothing overtly offensive in the language or imagery of this excerpt .Discussion Guidelines & Grading Rubric

Please read the below link first 

– German School System (

–  A subjective comparison of Germany and the United States: Educational System. (

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