The environmental scan and selling the plan


Take a look at your own strategic plan and tell me how you will look at the environmental SWOTs when analyzing it. In addition, compare your strategic plan SWOT analysis with this quote. “We have no problems in this world, only opportunities, disguised as challenges, lacking solutions.”


Your post should be at least 250 words long, thought provoking and spell/grammar checked.

 The concept of Strategic Planning environmental scanning is, by far, one of the most critical factors when considering the full-spectrum analysis of environmental factors that can affect an organization. Full-spectrum environmental analysis and monitoring, threat and opportunity forecasting, and environmental assessment are all components of global environmental analysis. The full-spectrum environment refers to the complete environment composed of most industries (both international and national markets) and companies, as well as current and potential clients and competitors. It is typically completed by generating a SWOT or SWOC analysis. The SWOT/SWOC analysis is a matrix-based tool that is applied to analyze the environment in which a company or organization operates within. 



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