Tesla strategic analysis – alternatives ** in-text citation ** a p a


Tesla Strategic Analysis – Alternatives

** In-text citation ** A P A format **
The week 6 Project is a section with a heading of “Alternatives” – you need to have at least 3 options that might resolve or be part of a solution for the problem you identified. Each alternative should be described in depth. Under a main heading “Alternatives”, develop a list of options. Feel free to include those that maybe “far-fetched” without judging them. Note: ‘Do nothing’ is often an alternative, but will not be the chosen alternative in next week’s “Recommendations” section (after all, if they should “do nothing,” then there really is not a problem!). There should be multiple alternatives/options for actions to solve the problem (3-8 is typical). Evaluate the alternatives by considering if the company can afford it; whether it will evoke a response from competitors; how employees/customers/ stakeholders are likely to view the change; and how the alternative fits with organizational culture, vision, mission, and goals.

Should be 3-5 pages. No title page, but references required. This is a continuation assignment. I placed the previous three parts of the paper. Please read the paper to get a feel of where the paper is going and how to continue on. 

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