Technology and society | English homework help

Examine current text, publications, and e-sources and make a judgment on an emerging technology and

its possible effects on society. Do not pick a well-established technology (If you can buy this

technology at Walmart or off the internet it is “well established”). This paper should be your best guess on what the next new technology will be and what it will displace in today’s market. The technology can be in the early phases of development but not in broad distribution. 

The minimum number of pages will be 5 in the main body of the paper .

This is your paper – I don’t want a cut and paste from internet articles.  

I want to see at least 5 references, like the first paper.

Stayle APA


What I’m looking for

Originality – Quoting sources is OK, but only in support of your discussion in the paper.  The 5 to 8 pages needs to be primarily your thoughts

Citations – at least 5

Organization – Good flow, logical progression from beginning to end

Content – Good description of a particular technology and where you think it is going, not technology in general

Grammar – Important, but not as much weight as the above.  If in doubt, have a friend read it.

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