Team management assignment 4: teaming across distance and culture.

• What are the major effects of the physical separation of group members? How can distance, in some cases, be beneficial to groups and teams?

 • What other areas of organizational behavior or design are impacted by information technology, and what are the implications for organizational change? 

• Brainstorm some ways to “redesign” your office space (or an office space you have previously worked in) on paper using virtual or flexible space, or flexible furniture. How would this redesign enhance successful teamwork? 

• What are some of the ways that cross-cultural teams are distinguished from other types of teams? What are some of the benefits and difficulties of building a cross-cultural team? 

Submit your written paper no less than 300 words for each question (I.e  no less than 1200 words) no later than the last day of Module 8 at 11:00 AM EST. Late submission will not be accepted. Submit a copy of your comprehensive summary . Please include the name of you. Format your work using APA and provide appropriate APA references and in-text citations.

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