Survey a case from economic approach


PESTEL Team Project 

You will work in teams 4 to 6 to conduct a PESTEL analysis of a business organization in Canada. You will study your selected business to examine the elements of the business environment for this particular business. You will then provide a written report as regards how each of the environmental forces (economic, social, technological, competitive, environmental, political, and global factors) impacts your chosen organization

The companies selected come mainly from this year’s Best 50 Canadian Corporate Citizens which were evaluated against 24 key performance indicators, including the clean revenue result

Your PESTEL analysis will basically examine some of the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors affecting your chosen business organization. More specifically, make sure that for each environmental factor, you will examine your business’s:

·       current strengths,

·       current challenges,

·       future prospects and

·       future risks.

End your discussion with a holistic approach, and provide your own comments on the success, potential, and sustainability of your chosen organization in the industry in which it operates. The team will write a 15-18-page (double spaced, 12-pt font, APA style) report of its findings as well as make a presentation at the end of the semester.

WhatsApp group comments: 

Hii guys what ive understood is that we are suppose to do a pestle analysis of the company and to explain further use the swot analysis

For example the environment . Bc hydro is an electric company generate power using water so an environment factor that can affect this can be rain or drought so for strength you can put it as when it rains the water reserves are high and they are able to produce more units of electricity so there able to sell more or provide more where as a weakness can be due to the depleting water reserves the unit produced are less and the cost of the units of electricity may go up increasing the cost for household consumption

For legal i dont think you can get direct information maybe work around it , like check if the company has monopoly in the market , if it does there might be laws that help it have monopoly or like laws that reduce the tax rates for service provider companys that can be a strength … hiring laws like , are there any geographical laws that prevents them from expanding

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