Summary on chapter from modules 05-08 philosophy


Writing is a major component of this course. As such, the quality of your summaries will be a major determinant of your final grade. The quality of your work will largely be determined by your adherence to this rubric. Adherence to these guidelines alone is necessary but not sufficient for an assignment to receive a good grade–for that you’ll have to communicate with clarity and demonstrate understanding of the subject matter via well-formed, well organized summaries.

 1)  You will be submitting your work via the links below. The file format may be MS-Word, Open Office (or any open document standard compliant program), rich text (.rtf), or Adobe Acrobat.2) The filename must be in the following format:  student last name_student first name_name of the assignment.docx (or .pdf, .odt, etc).3) Your name, the name of the assignment, and the date must be in the upper left hand corner.4) Your summary must be one-page in length.5) Your summary must be typed using Times Roman 12pt font.6) Your summary must be single spaced.7) Your summary must have one-inch margins.8) There should be no typographical errors* in your summaries.*typographical error includes but is not limited to spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, nonsensical-wording, etc.9)  Your summaries must not include any opinion or bias, only an executive summary of the argument presented in the work being summarized. In other words, these summaries are an opportunity for you to demonstrate that you’ve read and comprehended the material, not to assess the readings. Save that for the thesis-driven essay!10)  Under no circumstances should your summaries contain any quotations.11) Under no circumstances should either your summaries contain a paragraph that is a full-page in length. 

 Module 05 :  

  • Naess, “The Shallow and the Deep, Long-Range”
  • Naess, “Ecosophy T Deep Versus Shallow Ecology”
  • Devall and Sessions, “Deep Ecology”

Module 06 : 

  • Bookchin, “Social Ecology Versus Deep Ecology”
  • Guha, “Radical Environmentalism and Wilderness”

Module 07 :  

  • Russow, “Why Do Species Matter?”
  • Elliot, “Faking Nature”

Module 08 :   

  • Heilbroner, “What Has Posterity Ever Done for Me”
  • Hardin, “Who Cares for Posterity”
  • Parfit, Energy “Policy and the Further Future”
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