Summary and response | Article writing homework help

 This time you shall write a summary paper. For students in English 97, they shall summarize “The Power of Conformity” in Models for Writers starting at page 334.  


A summary is basically where you tell in your own words what the essay you read is about. The summary should not include your own opinion. You will talk about the author’s opinion in your own words. You will want to figure out what the thesis is in the essay so you can reveal this to your reader in your summary. You will also want to figure out what the main point of each supporting paragraph is so you can mention this in your essay.Your summary will be shorter than the essay you read and should sum up what the essay you read is about in short form.

In the response part students get to explain why they agree or disagree with the opinion stated in the paper(s). Don’t forget to look for and identify the thesis in these essays because finding the thesis will show you the central idea in the paper and allow you to respond to it more easily

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